solitude in nature

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you're already home where you feel loved


Seriously the best feeling in the world is being on the back of a bike with your arms wrapped around someone and going up windy hills and having to completely trust them. It’s so freeing.

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pip pip da doodly do!!

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fun drinking game: drink a glass of water every few hours to stay healthy and hydrated!

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it’s preposterous that my iPhone doesn’t work anymore now that I’ve dropped it 1,000,000 times

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dangerous (feat. joywave) / big data

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Why people ask me shit like “how was work?” or “how is school?” like work is work, school is school, I would rather be on a yacht right now while gettin some dick but here I am

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any black shirt + whatever shorts = my style

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"What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee?"
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your lows will have their complement of highs

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people who think everyone’s out to get them…please get a grip

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"Better alone than badly accompanied."
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